Ground excavation services

Earthwork, pond

Digging, cleaning

Works on construction demolition, wind turbines

Demolition works for road construction

Equipment rental

Rental of crawler and wheeled excavators

Rental of mini and dump excavators

Special vehicle transportation

Construction machinery sale


Business trips abroad for works on construction

Installation of new cruise ship pipelines,
shipbuilding works

Ventilation system replacement and care

Short-term business trips to the Caribbean,
Dubai, Spain, Italy and other exotic countries

We have experience in installation of skiing
equipment in Sweden

LLC “Danra” | Contacts

Danra, UAB
Trako str., 22, Šarkų vlg., 75117 Šilalė dis.
Phone: (8 652) 78586, 

(8 667) 69999

Director - Danielius Rašinskas
Company code 302726643
VAT code LT100006694012